My Personal Words of Wisdom

I've been thinking a lot lately, maybe too much. Sometimes I over work myself and set up unrealistic goals for me to achieve. When that happens, I feel like a failure. Then I'll think about what other people might say to me, and I feel worse.

Finally, I'll find myself curled up into a ball hiding under a rock - this is never healthy or productive.

As I've gotten older, I've had to tell myself it's okay to be a failure. Without failure you cannot have success. You can't learn how to walk if you don't fall on your face a couple times.

Age and time has taught me to accept who I am and be more open and honest with my capabilities. Take one day at a time, and never overwork my brain.

Realistically, I know I may never be super rich or as famous and cocky as Kanye West, but I'm still important. My voice and my craft still matters.

To be honest, I tend to be a flaky person. I'm lazy and mostly unreliable. I'm not disciplined and a lot of the times my mind and emotions are all over the place.

I still have a lot of growing to do, but it's crucial for me to do whatever makes me happy and create whatever I want. And that's my advice to you.

Discipline is very important, but so is your well being. If something doesn't make you happy - DON'T DO IT.

Always know that you are beautiful, smart and independent. You are talented in your own way, and even if you have no idea what you're doing tomorrow, make sure you're happy today.

Everyone has their own special path. So don't let anything distract you from your destiny. Shine in everything you do and never hold yourself back.

At this moment you maybe lost, but if you stay true to yourself, in due time, you'll be found.

Love ya, kiddos!