Black History Month STYLIN': Guion S. Bluford

DAY 14: Guion S. Bluford

Guion S. Bluford- Scientist, Astronaut, Pilot
Born: November 22nd, 1942

Guion S. Bluford was a mission specialist on the NASA spacecraft, the Challenger in 1983, becoming the first Black man to travel in space.

Other Bluford Facts
  • Bluford was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
  • He flew 144 missions as an United States Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War. 
  • In 1979, he began his career as a NASA astronaut.
  • Bluford has spent over 600 hours in space.

"I felt an awesome responsibility and I took the responsibility very seriously of being a role model and opening another door to Black Americans, but the important thing is not that I am Black, but that I did a good job as a scientist and an astronaut."
Guion S. Bluford

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