Where My Ladies At? SZA

Sza is the first lady of Top Dawg Entertainment and she is doing some big things. Earlier today she release her first EP with Top Dawg entitled "Z". The EP includes features from Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar.

Z is a playful and sensual album. SZA is one of those intellectual unique artist that makes music based on feelings and emotions that isn't terribly depressing or overly emotional. A lot of the songs are flirty and ambitious. It's the perfect example of a female black hippy.

Off of the album, I really enjoy Warm Wings. This song is so nostalgic of a warm Summer's night hanging out with some cool hippy skater boys at a rooftop house party while drinking a 40 and taking shots of E&J.

Another one of my favorite tracks is Babylon, and not just because it comes complete with a verse from Kendrick, but I feel like it's one of the rawest songs on the album. Here's the video for Babylon that was released April 7th:

Z is like the urban hip-hop/soul version of Lana Del Ray's Born To Die; it's heartfelt, it's different, it's girly, and it's just plain old dope.

To purchase the album for yourself, click here. And if you're not about that life and need the download link, it's here.

Enjoy duders.