The Birthday Walk

The moment I turned 22 years old on February 9th, I took my dog for a walk in Prospect Park.

Earlier that day I felt anxious and was freaking out because I was getting older. "I have one less year of my youth." I thought to myself. "One less year to make a difference." but once the brisk Winter's air hit my face I was able to better rationalize my thoughts.

Growing older doesn't mean you can't create something beautiful, or you can't inspire the people around you. It just gives you another year of experiences under your belt. More moments that can turn into beautiful stories. Age should be embraced, not fear.

And if you feel like you're running out of time, well then that should be motivation to do as much as you can each and every day.

Well, not only did I get a great realization from my walk with Peanut, but I got some great pictures too!

Make history everyday. Happy Black History Month, guys!

[Photography by Isaac Goodwiine]