Attitude 3: A NYPD Stop & Frisk Short

Hey peeps!
So a while back I had the amazing chance to Co-Write & Co-Direct a piece entitled Attitude 3 with amazing Director Isaac GoodwIIne, who I also did an Artist Feature on that can be read here.

This short is part of a film project called ATTITUDE, using dance as a catalyst to express race issues. The current piece focuses on the NYPD policy "Stop and Frisk". It displays a relationship between NYPD officers and a young African American civilian.

Anywho, I would love you if you guys watched, liked, and shared. I worked really hard on this piece, and it was all done for the sake of activism.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Without further ado, I now present, ATTITUDE 3:

If you liked this short, and would like to check out more please visit Isaac GoodwIIne's website: