Dear Young Colored Girl

This is a public letter for those who have ever felt lost or forgotten:

Dear Young Colored Girl,

You are beautiful. No matter your shape, size, color, or look.

You are intelligent, whether you get straight A's or straight C's, you passed english or failed gym, you're in your senior year of college, or you decided to drop out. No matter how society makes you feel, you are smart.

I know sometimes you may feel unimportant, like you're not good enough. Like your family; your brothers or your cousins are ALL not good enough, but I swear to you, you are worth it.

It doesn't matter if you want to be President of the United States or a professional dancer, your dreams are just as reachable as anybody else's.

Coming from the hood doesn't make you weak. And coming from the suburbs doesn't make you better. All that matters is that you push yourself and work hard.

There will be a lot of people that expect you to fail, that won't believe in you, but those people shouldn't matter.

Any nay-sayer, or hater, or basic bitch should not be your concern, because you are strong and powerful beyond belief. And that very fact is why some are scared of you, and will do anything in their power to tear you down. 

They are afraid of your success, because they know, one day, you will change the world.

So girl, you just keep moving forward. Keep your dreams big, your mind open, and your heart full of love, and no one will be able to stop you.  

No matter how hard or painful things may get, never give up on yourself, just push harder.

I love you, sister.


Another Colored Girl

Photo Source: WCL