I Represent Me

Hey there guys and dolls, 

I was fortunate enough to write a Women History Month feature for the amazing blog Theory Republic.

Here's an excerpt from the feature:

"For me, being a woman means one thing; PRIDE. Having pride in who you are and what you do, but as a Woman of Color, having pride can sometimes be the hardest task. Society can make it seem like Women of Color are the worst things to be, especially media and television.

Take the HBO series Girls for example; critics love to rave about this show, calling it an “accurate portrayal of female youth”. Well I beg to different. That show in no way, shape, or form represents me as a young African-American woman. Those experiences aren’t mine to own because White women will never know what it’s like to live a Women of Color’s life. The struggles aren’t the same, the sex isn’t the same, heck - our hair isn’t even the same!"

To read the post in it's entirety, click here. 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful Women History Month!