AfricaInAmerica (Reprise) | 12.17.12

Here it is... again.

My great friend and fellow blogger Anthony J. Thomas is having the reprise to his amazing exhibit AfricaInAmerica which I featured on the blog previously: Art Feature: AFRICA IN AMERICA, and he wants you to come join him... Yes, YOU.

And lucky enough for me, I will be doing complete coverage of the entire event. Some come out, have fun, support art, and be #AFRICAINAMERICA...

"There is always a pattern, a repeated need, desire in what you and I need to see continuously done over and over in order to solidify who we are. A figment of greatness is repetition. A figment of greatness, is repetition. The reprisal of the soul, as each day grows to nurture you in the bosom of chance, hope and potentially change. Well once again I must thoroughly express my place, our place in the American "religion" but on a more personal level of understanding: the home, the heart and lastly, the mind. The epitome of our existence here is that of stolen goods, that we triumphantly battle everyday to hold onto, rest your head and pray, for yet another day it becomes you and the world.
Yes this time, the conversation is a bit personal. The saddest song, is that of a man who releases glory in the world and neither knows or understands what his glory is creating or doing to better the world, of the vicious cycle, he is so strategically placed in. So I sat with the greats as I always do, in dream and brushstroke. The conference lasted two months, we grew hungry and understood how their privilege is death and mine is resurrection.
AfricaInAmerica: (The Reprise) is  the second installment of the AfricaInAmerica series, a contemporary perspective and personal anecdote of the conflicting nature of surviving in the American "religion”: highlighting the first solo exhibition of emerging Bedford-Stuyvesant artist Anthony J. Thomas. The exhibition is a direct product of focus, growth, understanding and excellence. Anthony J. Thomas's work includes intense imagery of loss, the pillar of absent fatherhood and the texture of life translated into the medium, that is visual art. Influenced by art history and the masters of the 21st century, he pays homage to the contemporary Diaspora of the arts, and plans to build anew while honoring those who have come before him.
Beauty was never built to be a tool of description, but a pillar of amusement. Tears locked in the brushstroke of a child, who enjoys to scream every once in a while at the society, that has shaped his life thus far.
Blessings, to you for reading this, I welcome you.
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC)"

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