MALE MONDAYS: Make Me Preppy!

I recently had a friend of mine ask to help him out with his wardrobe.

So I have compiled a list of clothes I believe every man needs to have just the right amount of prep on a budget.

And yes, you should thank me...

1. Cardigans are a Must! Sweaters are a major part of the business causal, prepster look. Plus, fall is right around the corner, so why not stay warm and cute?!

2. White Collar! You can NEVER go wrong in a white collared button down.

3. Get Khaki! Jeans are cool, but pants are cooler. Khaki's or Chino's are always a man's best friend.

4. Be Sneaky! Boat shoes or sneakers help a man keep it comfortable and classy.

5. Hey, Good Looking! A simple pair of glasses can go a long way.

            ($12.95 - H&M)                                     ($15 - Urban Outfitters)
6. All Tied Up! You can never go wrong with a skinny or bow tie.

7. Corduroy? Oh, Boy! Corduroy pants are usually the 'go to' for Fall, but a corduroy shirt not only helps you stand out, but it keeps a prepster nice and warm.

  ($10.90 - H&M)                                              ($10.90 - H&M)
8. Stripe 'Em! Stripe shirts are essential to a prep's attire and they're ALWAYS a Fall must-have.

Well fellas, our total cost to be a cute lil' prepster is roughly $150. So you better hurry up and get yo prep on!

See ya soon boys!