I Just Wanna Has Yo Babies: Asher Roth

For those of you who don't know me: I am madly in lust with Asher Roth. (and any other beautiful white man for that matter)

Asher has always been a crazy talented lyricist that I have had the utmost respect for, but the thing that bugs me, is the fact that he is SO UNDERRATED! He does not get the exposure or love that he deserves and I think that needs to change.

Well after digging around on Karmaloop TV, I found an interview with (the lust of my life) Asher Roth from the A Night of Real Hip-Hop event on July 26th at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. The event was a birthday celebration in honor of Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenburg. Some of the other featured artist at the event were Odd Future and Frank Ocean.

So watch this interview, then check out the other porn I have provided: