How To Find A Party - The EP

Ludovin, popular producer and guitarist, has gone solo! On Sunday, March 25th, Ludovin came out with his first EP entitled "How To Find A Party". Known for producing most of popular rapper, Childish Gambino's music, he has finally taken a step out on his own and created a pseudo-techno pop album.

Though some of the songs are a little "different" so to say, the over all piece of work has a very unique feel to it.

One of Ludovin's songs is called So Happy. This track has a very overwhelmingly upbeat vibe, which kinda makes me feel uncomfortable... To kill the surprise, the song is about a squirrel... so... yeah... anyway, here's the video for it:

Two of the tracks I love on the EP are Another One and How To Find A Party. The EP also features Childish Gambino.

So if you're interested in jamming to some new tunes, or just wanna get a feel for the EP yourself download Ludovin's How To Find A Party here: